Our operations began in 1994 with the manufacturing of piston pins for large diesel and gas engines. We obtained our first ISO 9001 quality certificate in 1996 and an ISO 14001 environment certificate in 1998.

Competition is strong in the international market. It soon became apparent that that we needed to develop an automated production process. Our first robot was commissioned in 1998. We have constantly developed new automatized methods for manufacturing and testing ever since. Robotics and various automated solutions are now widely used in our manufacturing process.

We manufacture highly loaded components for ship engines and power plant engines that produce energy for some of society’s most critical functions. Reliable methods of testing are therefore required. We have been performing ultrasonic inspections on our materials since 2001.


Our mission is to provide our customers with technically sound solutions, like components and assemblies, that meet the most stringent customer requirements. Our mission is for our customer service to exceed all expectations. We aspire to be a partner to our customer in the product development phase, during production and all the way to the end of the product’s life cycle. We want to bring our customer added value through our own knowledge and experience.

The key to our success is the use of modern technology and our extensive experience that we utilize to achieve the best possible outcome. We commit to being an excellent partner to our customers in terms of reliability, knowledge and respondence.


We constantly challenge ourselves, learn, improve, seek innovation and aspire to make the impossible possible. We believe in team work and that we all work better in an environment we feel comfortable in. Our values include honesty, respect and trust towards everyone in our work community. We are excited about what we do. If something goes wrong, we learn from it and see it as an opportunity to improve.