We obtained the ISO 9001 quality certificate in 1996 and the ISO 12001 environment certificate in 1998.

Quality is the foundation of our operations. Quality control is a part of all our work phases and we constantly monitor it through internal inspections and audits. Our quality manual is present in the daily work of all our employees. We regularly hold quality trainings that are based on practical matters.

Choosing subcontractors is always based on their ability to provide the necessary quality. If necessary, we check the ability through inspections and audits. Quality requirements are reported with each order. Our competent personnel meet the reported technical requirements and take responsibility of product and service quality during the entire manufacturing process.

Our mission is to be the world’s leading provider of piston pins, rollers, bearing parts and assembly services. We will reach our goal by being a trustworthy partner and a high-quality product and service provider to our customers. We aspire to foster the profitable growth and the financial stability of our company in order to ensure its further development and the necessary investments.

Health and safety are important to us. We work hard to make our work environment as safe as possible both physically and mentally. Our management is committed to offering the necessary means to meet quality, health and safety requirements in all our operations. We also commit to fully comply with all our agreements and obligations of confidentiality.