Traceability of components and materials

Ensuring traceability is an important part of all manufacturing processes. Traceability begins in the manufacturing phase and continues to follow the product all the way to the end customer. All materials Mapromec processes have heat numbers. We add our own data matrix codes and stamps, which include the batch number, the heat number, the drawing number, year of manufacture as well as the robot cell’s information. The data is transferred to our electronic database from which it is possible to monitor the product’s life cycle.

Traceability is a significant part of quality assurance. If a flaw appears in the end product, the customer can trace the defective component or material based on the number stamps. Possible product recalls can therefore be limited only to the the batch that has, for example, been manufactured using defected material. In such cases, the component manufacturer is also able to quickly withdraw the defected material from manufacturing.